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Description Time Allocated Time Used Time Remaining
Picture Video Updates 1 hour 50 minutes 10 minutes

Requesting Changes

If you wish to make changes to your website, we recommend following these steps for a streamlined and efficient process:

  1. Identify the Page: Specify the name of the page on your website where you want the change to occur (e.g., Homepage, About Us, Contact).
  2. Capture the Section: Take a screenshot of the specific section on that page that requires modification. This ensures we fully understand your request.
  3. Provide the Updates: Immediately after the screenshot, include the updated content or image that you want to replace in that section.
  4. Contact Us: Send this information via email to or via WhatsApp to 061 467 8560.

By following these steps and providing clear and concise information, you'll help us address your requests promptly and accurately, one page and one section at a time.