Secure Transactions, Soaring Sales: Why Allsorts Web Design Chooses PayFast for E-Commerce

Boost Your East London Sales with Secure and User-Friendly E-Commerce

At Allsorts Web Designers, we understand the importance of creating a smooth and secure online shopping experience for your customers. A crucial part of this is providing a convenient way for them to pay for their purchases. That’s why we proudly integrate PayFast, a leading South African payment gateway, into all our e-commerce websites.

Allsorts Web Design builds secure and user-friendly e-commerce platforms.

What is a Payment Portal for E-Commerce?

An e-commerce payment portal acts as a secure bridge between your online store and your customers’ financial institutions. It facilitates the transfer of funds during a purchase, ensuring a smooth and safe transaction for both parties.

Why Use a Payment Portal?

There are several reasons why payment portals are essential for e-commerce businesses:

  • Security: They handle sensitive financial data like credit card numbers with robust encryption, protecting your customers’ information and your business from fraud.
  • Convenience: Payment portals offer a variety of payment methods, allowing customers to choose their preferred option for a faster checkout experience.
  • Streamlined Operations: They handle the complexities of payment authorization and settlement, freeing you to focus on managing your store.
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Why Allsorts Web Designers Chooses PayFast

As East London’s trusted web design partner, we prioritize offering our e-commerce clients the best possible solutions. Here’s why PayFast is our go-to payment gateway provider:

  • South African Focus: PayFast is a South African company that understands the nuances of the local financial landscape. This ensures a smooth integration with local banks and payment methods, perfect for your East London customer base.
  • Multiple Payment Options: PayFast offers a wide range of payment options, including credit and debit cards, instant EFT, mobile wallets, and more. This caters to a broader customer base and increases your chances of successful transactions.
  • Affordability: PayFast boasts competitive fees, keeping your transaction costs manageable and maximizing your profits.
  • Security: They prioritize security with PCI DSS compliance and robust fraud prevention measures, giving you and your customers peace of mind.
  • Ease of Use: PayFast offers a user-friendly interface for both you and your customers, making the payment process effortless.

PayFast: Strengthening Your East London E-Commerce Website

By incorporating PayFast into your Allsorts Web Design e-commerce website, you’ll experience several benefits:

  • Builds Trust: By displaying the PayFast logo as a payment option, you assure customers of a secure and recognized payment gateway.
  • Increases Conversion Rates: Offering a variety of payment options through PayFast removes friction at checkout, leading to more completed purchases and increased sales for your East London business.
  • Streamlines Operations: Integrating PayFast automates payment processing, saving you time and resources to focus on growing your business.

Partner with Allsorts Web Designers for Secure E-Commerce Success

At Allsorts Web Designers, we’re committed to helping East London businesses thrive online. We combine our expertise in e-commerce website design and development with secure payment gateways like PayFast to create a winning solution for your business.

Contact Allsorts Web Designers today to discuss how we can create a secure and user-friendly e-commerce website that drives sales and success in East London!

See Our Work in Action: E-Commerce Websites Designed for Success


At Allsorts Web Designers, we’re passionate about creating beautiful and functional e-commerce websites that drive results. Here are just a few examples of our successful projects:

  • Stella’s Earrings ( Looking for the perfect pair of earrings? Stella’s offers a stunning selection of handcrafted jewelry showcased on a user-friendly e-commerce platform we designed.
  • Autobazaar: Take the hassle out of buying or selling a car with Autobazaar’s innovative platform. We built their secure and user-friendly e-commerce website to streamline the car buying and selling experience in South Africa.
  • Bizhub SA ( Bizhub SA offers a wide range of web hosting solutions. Their user-friendly e-commerce website, designed by Allsorts Web Designers, makes it easy for customers to find the perfect hosting plan for their needs.
  • Farichri Smart Homes: Experience the future of living with Farichri Smart Homes. We designed their e-commerce website to showcase their impressive selection of smart home products, making it simple for customers to purchase and transform their homes.

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