Important Notice: Monthly Website Subscription andService Termination

Important Notice: Monthly Website Subscription and

Service Termination

This section informs you about our monthly website subscription model and its implications.

    • Your website subscription is billed monthly.
    • To ensure uninterrupted service, timely payments are crucial.
    • If a payment is not received after 3 consecutive months, your website service will be terminated.

      Payment and Service Continuity:

Consequences of Service Termination:

  • Website Downtime: Your website will become inaccessible to visitors.
  • Loss of Email Access: Emails associated with your website domain (e.g., [email address removed]) will no longer function.
  • Data Inaccessibility: You may experience difficulty accessing your website’s data depending on the hosting provider’s policies.


  • We strongly recommend maintaining a valid payment method on file to avoid service disruptions.
  • Consider setting up automatic payments to ensure timely subscription renewals.
  • Regularly review your billing information to avoid any potential issues.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions regarding your website subscription or encounter payment difficulties, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team. We’re happy to assist you.

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